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January Offer: Get A Massive Bundle Of ALL Of Our Best Campaigns Ever & Generate Leads On Tap For Less Than A Latte… It Comes With Lead Generation Machine, DFY Facebook Ads & Data Reactivation Campaign…

Exclusive only for first 10 people.

GET THE ENERGY SMART 2.0 SOLAR BLUEPRINT BUNDLE AND BE #1 IN 2021 - With The Same System That Is Exploding Solar Companies Worldwide...

*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

Here’s What You Get:

  • An Integrated Sales And Marketing Machine That Automates Your Email, SMS and Appointment Setting Processes… Packed With A Proven Email And SMS Sequence That Reactivates Old Leads and Converts Them To Paying Customers, This System Is Proven In Over 3 Continents With Over 50 Million In Ad Spend On Facebook Alone…(Gain An Unfair Advantage Over 99% Of Other Solar Companies) Done For You Facebook Ads: That will have your Facebook advertising and funnel system set up and managed by our team of experts so you can quickly get momentum and explode your solar business. The same systems and solutions we have trusted for ALL our clients and the engine behind millions in monthly ad spend.
  • 2x Customized Branded Facebook Ads Per Month: That will keep your brand in eye sight in front of every lead you have ever generated. We match this with 15x Custom Email and SMS Templates that push old and new leads deep inside your NEW Sales Funnel and allows you to position yourself in front of a captivated audience.


  • FREE: Stratton Oakmont Solar Scripts $2,997.00
  • FREE:  Lead Generation Funnel converting at 30% $2,997.00
  • FREE: Recruitment Funnel $1,997.00
  • FREE: One Hour Sales Strategy Session $997.00
  • Done For You Solutions: That will have your Facebook advertising and funnel system set up by our team of experts so you can quickly get momentum and explode your solar business. The same systems and solutions we have trusted for ALL our clients and the engine behind millions in monthly ad spend.
    • Facebook Ads management DFY 30 days $2,500.00 pm
    • Annual subscription Ads Library (25 ads pm) $2,647.00 pa
    • Full time Sales VA $1,697.00 pm
    • Custom Elite Solar GHL account w 60 days support $1,164.00 pa
    • Stratton Oakmont Solar Script $2,997.00
    • Lead Funnel converting at 30% $2,997.00
    • Recruitment Funnel $1,997.00
    • 9 Figure Solar email sequence $3,997.00
    • Custom rebrand Logo $295.00
  • Get Energy Smart Blueprint 2.0 Marketing Mayhem Program: So you can have instant access to our best performing ads and funnels of all time… these ads have produced leads well below $10 for all of 2020 with $1,000,000’s spent on them… as well as battle tested email nurture sequences and sales scripts that will help you scale your business to unseen heights.
  • Lead Generation Machine: The single greatest sales and marketing CRM that has battle tested sales frameworks and nurture sequences PROVEN to get an unprecedented flood of leads for your business…


Energy Smart is better…. Average marketing companies, lead brokers and weak course creators don’t even come close. We operate across 3 continents, we spend well over $1M per month on ads and we have done so for over 8 years. The Energy Smart difference is we get sales, we get sales processes and we get Solar. We are a vertically integrated sales and marketing machine that explodes solar companies WORLDWIDE.

“Those who can’t DO Teach”

See what some of our clients have to say


Chad Solar Experts

There’s a reason we’re the fasted growing agency across the globe

Melissa Dawson

Online Solar Experts, US

"Huge shoutout to Energy Smart, they are taking my business to the 10X next level. Because of them, with all of their leads into the iClose system it's just a game changer."

Steve McKenzie​

Solar Harness, UK

"In an industry full of people who don't provide results. Energy Smart and Jarrad have actually done exactly that. They've provided us with sub-hundred dollar conversions to sale..."

Andrew Perry​

On Solar, AU

"Jarrad and Energy Smart exceeded our expectations. Told us we'd close 1:10 and we're closing like 1:5. He's helped us with staff, software, advertising and basically turned our business into 4x the profit from as is was before..."


Blue Sky Solar, US

"..Amazing work they have put into helping us create an effective lead management system.."

Exclusive only for first 10 people.

Some called me crazy…

But I said not helping people when you have a moral obligation to do so is truly crazy…

The world is a better place with more Solar Companies at the forefront of our economy. With clean energy leading the charge that means… more sustainable jobs, a better environment and happy Solar business owners who will profit handsomely and do the world a massive favor...

3 Important Lessons: 1 Easy, 1 Hard, & 1 For WINNERS

I’ve been at a critical crossroads like this many times before in my life…

And I’ve learned all three lessons along with my own long, painful… and thrilling journey in the SOLAR industry…

The way I see it, we all learn these three lessons at some point as a business owner, marketer, and solar company…

Do Nothing (and get the same results you have always gotten)

This is simple.

After all, what’s easier than doing nothing? 

This lesson is easiest for solar companies who already have a business... fueled by TONS of loyal customers...

>>> For those who are already iconic in their industry.

>>> For those who don’t need more cash flow, fans, or credibility in the solar business

>>> Maybe you are ok with living your life with regret for not doing everything you could to be the best version of yourself!

This is the single biggest regret of a dying business owner and entrepreneur, not impacting more people and truly sharing their gifts with the world at the very best of their abilities! In the case of solar this means…

Saving the environment…

Creating millions of new clean energy jobs…

Remember… the price of inaction can sometimes be far greater than the price of action… 

...This could even amount to millions or billions of potential earnings left on the table by not taking action...

Do It All On Your Own (Even if it takes an extra decade or two)

This is the hardest one.

Sure, it may take you a little while, maybe even decades but it’s not impossible.

Maybe you can afford to just leave it up to chance and take your time…

Or maybe you are more eager to reach your goals as a solar company...

If you try to figure it all out on your own that is completely fine…

But what if it is possible to save a decade of your time…

...To thrive as an Entrepreneur and solar business in ways you never thought were possible on your own...

...there’s a valuable lesson to be learned by doing it by yourself and taking your time. If that’s you, I commend you for your commitment to your craft, because I know what that level of patience and HARD WORK it requires…

But if this isn’t your style and you don’t want to continue walking blindly hoping for success…

...or wait 20 years longer than you need to, either, there’s also a third opportunity for a valuable lesson.

Partner Up & Use A Proven System… (Fastest Way To Success With The Highest Odds Of Succeeding)

This is the exciting one.

To work with a proven expert who’s worked with solar companies exactly where you are (and where you want to be)...

...and used this exact system to scale these clean energy companies beyond 8 figures to the point of global recognition…

...Treating their business as one of our own where we DO EVERYTHING humanly possible to help you scale to unseen heights…

...Finally having an organized structure in their lead generation, seeing actual growth and ROI on their advertising budget and establishing themselves as the biggest player in their country!

…I have put decades of my own personal experience into the ENERGY SMART SOLAR 2.0 BLUEPRINT and for a limited time I am sharing the fruits of my labour to any business owner that is serious about taking their solar company to the next level...without wasting a decade.

Out of these three lessons… which one gives you what you desire most?

Exclusive only for first 10 people.

Only Available At This Exclusive Price For The Month Of January...

I’m giving you this entire stack for 1 fifth of our normal rates for the month of January only as a means of ‘putting my best foot forward’ and showing you how much I can help you.

The reason why is simple, the current state of the solar industry and the economy makes it harder for the smaller companies to compete without massive resources…

…and if you have a proven system that can change the lives of thousands of solar companies worldwide – then you have a moral obligation to help as many as possible!

My hope is also that you’ll love it and this will be the start of an amazing relationship for years to come.

I’ll be honest again…

At first, I wasn’t going to offer a guarantee because this offer is so outrageously good it doesn’t need one…

I mean, it’s the most important stuff we have learned from working with thousands of solar companies worldwide and spending a whopping 50 million on Facebook ads alone…

But I decided to shoulder all the risk for you and truly give you a life changing opportunity 100% risk free…

I want to guarantee you are feeling 100% protected… regardless of how much you pay for this Energy Smart Solar Blueprint 2.0 Bundle…Which is why I’m giving you three separate guarantees.

Product Guarantee:

I’m incredibly proud of the bundle we have assembled for you and fellow Solar company owners, shareholders and stakeholders…

Which is why… if you find any better software or systems anywhere on the internet… simply send me a personal email and you will get your investment back, 100% hassle-free and no questions asked.

…I’ll INSIST on refunding your entire investment on this product. And of course, you keep everything, for free.

Price Guarantee:

My intention is to serve you first – always.

One way of doing that is by offering you the highest value, for the lowest price – which is why I am giving you 10x more than what your investment is worth… and if you apply what you learn in our ongoing relationship  – you may receive 100x or more value.

Which is why… if you find any better systems for Solar Companies… I mean ANYWHERE on the planet at a better price…

…I’ll INSIST on refunding your entire investment on this product and buy my competitor’s product from you…. And of course, you keep everything, for free.

Results Guarantee:

I believe in our fully integrated sales, marketing and lead generation machine single biggest leverage point for ANY solar business to bring you more consistency, profits and HIGH QUALITY LEADS that can be closed instantly…

So much so, that I’m willing to guarantee you get results.

Which is why… if you don’t receive 10X ROI on what you pay for this product after 90 days the secrets of the biggest solar companies on the planet…

…I’ll INSIST on refunding your entire investment on this product. And of course, you keep everything, for free.

Exclusive only for first 10 people.

That's The Deal.

You either receive:

>>> The single best scaling system on the planet… that has been proven to scale solar companies from 7 to 8 figures and beyond…

>>> Exclusive Bonuses that give you a clear cut strategy to put this all into action over the next 12 months…

>>> And get 10x more than the value of your investment plus the secrets of the biggest solar companies of the century…

…or I’ll refund your entire investment on the SOLAR BLUEPRINT BUNDLE… and you keep everything, for free.

That’s how confident I am.

And as crazy as I’ve been called for offering this so cheap, giving you 10x more value than your investment is the secret to making everyone happy…I know exactly what I’m doing.

And the truth is…

I wouldn’t make such an incredible offer unless I was certain that it was a win-win scenario for both of us…

I’m talking… a clean energy revolution and a complete takeover for your solar company… the type of transformation that would appear impossible without this proven roadmap…

Here’s Why This Could Be The Most Important Decision You Ever Make For Your Solar Company…

The current state of the economy has made it harder than ever for solar businesses to compete, and stand out from the crowd… cue covid 19

…If there is one thing for certain there are millions of solar companies that are striving to become industry leaders yet only 1% will make it to the top and truly have an impact on the industry…

Imagine what your life would look like if you had the exact blueprint mega solar companies used to become worldwide TITANS…

What if you were that company that was able to break sales records…

…and have multi millions in consistent recurring monthly revenue…

How would your life change if you had the real cheat code that gave you an unfair advantage over 99% of the Solar Industry?

Effectively being able to hack the minds of your customers and turn them into raving ‘clean energy supporters.’

The cost of not having a proven roadmap to become an industry leader is far greater than the small investment in this stack…

…Consider how many lives you could impact, how many sales you make, and all the potential you may be living unfulfilled?

Exclusive only for first 10 people.


Can I Get A Refund If This Isn’t For Me?

If it is not for you, get out of solar, go work for Chick-fil-a and we will get your money back no questions asked.

When Will I receive Access To My Purchase?

Access will be delivered as follows
Portal Access will be sent December 1st
Onboarding Calls scheduled during the first week in December.

What IF I Don’t Need This Right Now?

Take it, don’t delay.
We will not repeat this offer – EVER.
If you smash 2021 you can hold the offer and launch as late has January 2021.

What Do I Get Inside?

I get it. There is so much going on in this deal. You want to know what the bottom line benefit is going to be for you. 

Done For You Facebook Advertising: If you have ever advertised in the past then we both know there can be some uncertainty to where your money is going. By letting us run your campaign you have no worries no guessing and no down time.

Now normally that is where the value stops. But with this deal we will plan, build, customize and optimize an additional funnels for you. Because in 2021 advertising “Zero Down – No Cost Solar” is not good enough anymore.”

Sales Training

Marketing Design

Energy Smart Blueprint 2.0 Marketing Machine

  • Facebook Ads management DFY 30 days $2,500.00 pm
  • Facebook Ads management DFY 30 days $2,500.00 pm
  • Custom Solar Sales CRM w 60 days support $1,164.00 pa
  • Custom Jordan Belfort Stratton Oakmont Solar Script $2,997.00
  • Lead Funnel converting at 30% $2,997.00
  • Recruitment Funnel $1,997.00
  • 15 Step email and SMS sequence $3,997.00
  • Custom rebrand Logo $295.00


Software license downloads – lifetime access

  • Auto WhatsApp messenger $97.00
  • Google Maps Extractor – $97.00
  • LinkedIn Email Scraper – $97.00
  • Instagram Profile Scraper – $97.00
  • Facebook email Scraper – $97.00
  • Facebook Phone Scraper – $97.00

Black Friday Limit: $1,997.00

Every Day Price $19,871.00

One Time Payment Only

Every Day Price $19,871.00

One Time Payment Only

Energy Smart Blueprint 2.0 Marketing Machine


For The Month of January

Limited Spots Available



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