About Us


Energy Smart Media will disrupt the solar space and strengthen the position of our retail partners. We will achieve industry dominance by delivering value to over 1500 clients across the globe in the next 18 months. Our ad spend and low cost per lead is and will be far beyond that of our closest followers.


To bridge the gap between businesses and their clients. We make multimillion dollar dreams come to reality.

Our Story

Our phones are ringing more and our guys are busier than ever since we offered our complete system for a simple monthly fee. Our clients look forward to our weekly updates and are excited to see the numbers each month of how we have saved them over 75% of their client acquisition costs. 

We have come a long way from a highly ranked marketplace connecting consumers with solar installers. We have had the honour of working with some of the fastest growing retail operations and being instrumental in that growth and assisting startups achieve growth targets. 

We have amassed a leading team of professionals and investors alike that share our vision of market dominance. It’s exciting times ahead. Our game is your game, and the more sales we get for you the closer we get to our vision. 

Who Are We?

We are a leading network of digital marketers and sales professionals. We are recognised globally for our attention to detail and ability to grow our partners businesses in a stable and scalable manner. We combine years of experience from the front line of solar sales, owning and operating successful solar retail operations and matched with up to the minute marketing methods to ensure our clients utilise our services to the max. 

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